Top 10 Places to Visit During New Years

The New Year’s kiss, the best clothes, those amazing bright light, all are fine but what about the destination. You must be bored or at least tired of dressing up for the same place and the same people and now that you have thought of leaving your home place and moving on to a beautiful place, you have come to seek your help.

New Year Places

And we are happy to tell you that we have done a thorough research and have found out those few places which are going to blow your mind away.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland– This might not be Times Square, but it surely is the place where people love to party. The man here outdoes themselves, and they are fierce when they are about to party. New Year is something they celebrate with the most enthusiasm and this they are proud of. Community bonfire marks the beginning of the party, which also symbolizes the burning away of the bad days of the past and hence welcoming those happy and merry times. This is followed by the most luxurious fireworks which you will ever witness. It will make your eyes water and will fill you with a beautiful emotion. The sky lights up as though someone had put beautiful lights across the sky itself, and it fills the people with the hope of a better tomorrow. A time that will brighten up their lives just as the sky.
  • Bahamas– a good bath, some lovely time spent in the sun. You will need all the relaxing you can get or else you might not be able to find yourself enjoying in The New Year’s Party in the Bahamas. The people, the place itself, as thought seems like, it has woken up from a deep slumber and now it is ready to party. People from all over the world join one another, even if they don’t know them, only to celebrate the best time of the year.  Music, lively people, fancy clothes and people of all culture, class, and religion, all fly in to enjoy the New Year Eve and to welcome a new life in the next year.
  • Time Square, New York– you have a pretty small life, and you need to enjoy every bit of it. People have to have fun and experience all the beautiful moments or else they might lose on a great deal and hence, when it’s New Year’s Eve, you need to be in the New York Time Square, to witness the ball drop. The counting, the great number of people, the happy faces the enthusiasm all adds up to the excitement and makes this event a memorable time for each and every person visiting the place. By sharing their gifts and wishing 2015 Happy New Year.
  • Edinburgh– New Year is a lavish arrangement for the people living in Edinburgh. The event, which is named as the Hogmanay is a celebration that will last for about four days. Among one such celebration is an event where people would light up torches and walk through the city, and it will be concluded with parades, concerts and some good partying in the streets of Edinburgh itself.