Top 10 Freeware for MAC – Easing Your Needs

Mac software is very expensive but there is some freeware found for Mac which will serve most of the everyday purpose without the need of shedding out a lot of money. Here is the top list of freeware for Mac.

Useful Mac Apps

1) StuffIt Explorer- For all you Archiving

It is one of the best archiver tools for Mac. It helps you to access files created with RAR, WinZip, Rucksack, GUI tar etc. Even though Apples archive utility manages to perform the same task, it is much more powerful and reliable. StuffIt’s unzipping operation includes scanning for virus and also expanding to desired folders. If anyone sends you a file compressed with windows then StuffIt can definitely open it for you without any trouble, whereas Apple’s built-in utility fails to do the task. It is a must-have tool in all the Macs.

2) TextWrangler – Must Have for Bloggers

It is one of the most useful tools for text related task performed on Mac. You can be a developer or a blogger, you simply cannot do without TextWrangler. It is incredibly fast to search and make changes. It also has additional features such as spell check, find and replace, undo and redo, syntax coloring, and many other features. This is simply the best have text editor for every Mac.

3) Evernote – Organize Everything

Organizing is one of the toughest jobs for every individual. One of the best tools to help you with that is Evernote. It helps to bring the tasks that are spread around to one application. You can organize things such as shopping list, to-do notes, images, PDFs, websites, etc. You can also save things to retrieve for later references. It has unique search features to find the stuff you need. You can also add tags to the post for easy retrieval. Evernote is available for Windows, iPad, iPhone, etc so it is easy to sync with those devices and you will never lose any of your important stuffs.

4) VirusBarrier Express – No Entry for Virus

Mac has always been known for being the safest device whereas Windows is widely known for virus, malware and numerous other attacks. Now that Mac has become very prominent among users there might be virus and malware coming up for Mac as well. So it is important that you keep the device safe by using anti-virus. VirusBarrier is a freeware which serves to keep the computer virus-free.

5) Carbon Copy Cloner – Backups Made Easy

Taking backups is a necessary functionality in case your system crashes or any unfortunate thing happens.  Carbon copy cloner is one of the most useful applications which helps us to create backups easily. You no longer have to postpone the nagging task of taking backups because it is completely easy with the help of Carbon Copy Cloner. It also has the option to perform incremental backups which can be performed every day. You can easily migrate to another computer without having the need of re-installation.

6) Vuze – Let the Download Begin

BitTorrent is very popular for its easy download management feature. It is very easy to use and it also acts as a media player. It supports most of the formats and also helps in converting video to playback on your iPad as well. It can also stream videos directly over Wi-Fi and played on devices such as Xbox360.

7) Adium – Get Set and Chat

If you have more than one instant messenger client, then Adium is a must-have freeware for you. A lot of space is used downloading various instant messenger software. You can easily manage everything with the help of Adium. It is compatible with Google, Yahoo, ichat, AOL etc. It is a high user’s friendly freeware and is a must-have application for people who chat a lot.

8) OpenOffice – Office Suite for Free

Office suites are expensive software when you are looking for a licensed product. The best alternative is the Open office. It provides the complete set of office tools needed and you can also convert it into useful formats which work with Mac as well as Windows operating system. It is the ideal word processor for students and home users.

9) iStatPro – Know Your System

If you feel your system performance is slow then you should probably analyze what the problem is. iStatPro is the right freeware to solve this issue. It also has a widget which can be placed on the dashboard and it will keep monitoring the performance of the system. You can analyze the data and see what is taking most of the processor speed and slugging up your Mac. The graphical representation is easy to understand. It is a must-have widget for all Mac users to analyze the performance of your Mac.

10) Dropbox – Work from Anywhere

It is a useful application for people who bring their work back home. You do not have the need for pen drives and hard disks anymore. It is an easy to use FTP which is completely free. You just need to drag and drop the file into the shared folder and then retrieve the file later. You can access it wherever there is the internet.

Top 10 Android Apps To Have The Better Instagram Experience

Instagram has been the most popular social media site where the people share the innovative thoughts with the billions of Instagram users. They have entered themselves into the Android market also.

But, there are several apps for the Instagram like buying Instagram followers, photo editing apps, and many. There are many annoying apps also, to have the best experience of the Instagram you must have better alternatives for your Android Smartphone.

Best Android Apps For Instagram

1. VSCO Cam

You may get bored with the same and old filters on Instagram. Try VSCO Cam which will add more professionalism in your Instagram photos and will give the best photo experience ever. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and exposure of the images to increase the number of Instagram followers.

2. Square

You must have the equal length at all the four sides of the images. But, cropping the image is a bit of a headache. You may lose the bits and some part of the image. You must try Square app which will automatically convert your image into square shape.

3. HashTags

You must add the popular hashtags to your images. HashTags apps will just add the popular hashtags and then you can copy paste the hashtags to your images.

4. InstaMessage

Instagram allows you to share the images and videos within the group, but it doesn’t give you the option to have a chat with your friends. But, InstaMessage will allow you to have a chat who has this app running. If not, you can invite your friends to have a chat on this app.

5. Xposed Instagram Downloader

You cannot download the images and the videos through Instagram directly. But, when you have this app installed on your device. Then it forms the interface with the Instagram and allows you to download the images and save them in your gallery.

6. IgNo

Unlike other social media networks, Instagram doesn’t have the option to give the alerts and the notifications. You will not get any message from Instagram for the followers and likes. Try this app to get the notifications.

7. InstaPlace

Suppose, you don’t remember the location and dates of the images posted. Then InstaPlace will do it all for you.

8. TrackGram

With this app, you can keep the track of the followers of your profile. You can get the list of person who is following you, who have unfollowed you, and the person whom you didn’t follow, all on one page. You can also swipe the profile page of the person to follow them instantly.

9. PadGram

If you are bored of Instagram’s poor filters, same interface, limited sharing, no options to download, and constant cropping then you must try PadGram. This app gives you all the features mentioned above with lots more to explore. You can even have the landscape view on the tablets.

10. InstaWeather

Like the InstaPlace this app shows the weather conditions of the images which you have posted. By seeing the surroundings it can guess the weather conditions which will help you to gain Instagram followers than regular photos followers.