How To Perform Android Rooting?

You just need to put in a little bit of extra efforts to root your Android smartphone, before you realize that rooting is a well-defined process for every Android smartphone and soon you will realize that it is a child’s play. The process differs from each and every mobile phone manufacturer and their models.

Perform Android Rooting

The Internet perhaps is the best teacher and a guide for performing android rooting as a smooth process. XDA forum is a dedicated thread that the developers regularly post on and users have identified this forum as a resource to find QnA’s to all of their rooting-related problems. Proceed when you are confident about rooting by reading discussions, asking people and app developers and relating to similar problems posted by other users.

There are various rooting methods, for the discussion, we have identified top three best methods.

One of the most popular and universally recognized and practiced rooting processes is via the z4root. This makes provision of an easy and convenient method for android rooting. All is so convenient that you have to perform rooting just at a click of a button. The application is not available in Play Store and you have to download a .apk installer from the web. This application is compatible with many smartphone models. Install the app on the root of your SD card and execute it by tapping and you’re ready to go.

Only experienced developers, however, prefer and should go for the option of something called as turning the S-OFF. You have to then make a clean installation of the custom recovery on your phone and flash the rooted ROM. There is a good tool based on the S-OFF method for the HTC phone models and it goes by the name of the Revolutionary tool.

A most widely used method is however undoubtedly the SuperOneClick. It has a compatibility with a whole range of mobile phone models. It can be used to perform rooting on backward compatible old android versions plus unofficial support is available even for the latest Android versions until the Jellybean 4.2. It gives an available option of the parts as well as full rooting.

TO make things better, this app also makes provision for a convenient android unrooting also possible. You have to just turn the USB debugging option ON which is available in settings -> development in almost all android versions.  You’ve to expand the Super One Click .zip file and then click on the SuperOneClick icon to run it and you’re done. Please take care that the SD card should not be mounted when android rooting is performed using this option.

In order to verify the rooting process, you can download a host of applications that authenticate if your android smartphone is rooted or not. Look out for an app called Terminal in order to do this job simply. There is another app called the Android Terminal Emulator to check the rooting status as well as performing rooting itself with the help of certain command line interface.