Top 10 Places to Visit During New Years

The New Year’s kiss, the best clothes, those amazing bright light, all are fine but what about the destination. You must be bored or at least tired of dressing up for the same place and the same people and now that you have thought of leaving your home place and moving on to a beautiful place, you have come to seek your help.

New Year Places

And we are happy to tell you that we have done a thorough research and have found out those few places which are going to blow your mind away.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland– This might not be Times Square, but it surely is the place where people love to party. The man here outdoes themselves, and they are fierce when they are about to party. New Year is something they celebrate with the most enthusiasm and this they are proud of. Community bonfire marks the beginning of the party, which also symbolizes the burning away of the bad days of the past and hence welcoming those happy and merry times. This is followed by the most luxurious fireworks which you will ever witness. It will make your eyes water and will fill you with a beautiful emotion. The sky lights up as though someone had put beautiful lights across the sky itself, and it fills the people with the hope of a better tomorrow. A time that will brighten up their lives just as the sky.
  • Bahamas– a good bath, some lovely time spent in the sun. You will need all the relaxing you can get or else you might not be able to find yourself enjoying in The New Year’s Party in the Bahamas. The people, the place itself, as thought seems like, it has woken up from a deep slumber and now it is ready to party. People from all over the world join one another, even if they don’t know them, only to celebrate the best time of the year.  Music, lively people, fancy clothes and people of all culture, class, and religion, all fly in to enjoy the New Year Eve and to welcome a new life in the next year.
  • Time Square, New York– you have a pretty small life, and you need to enjoy every bit of it. People have to have fun and experience all the beautiful moments or else they might lose on a great deal and hence, when it’s New Year’s Eve, you need to be in the New York Time Square, to witness the ball drop. The counting, the great number of people, the happy faces the enthusiasm all adds up to the excitement and makes this event a memorable time for each and every person visiting the place. By sharing their gifts and wishing 2015 Happy New Year.
  • Edinburgh– New Year is a lavish arrangement for the people living in Edinburgh. The event, which is named as the Hogmanay is a celebration that will last for about four days. Among one such celebration is an event where people would light up torches and walk through the city, and it will be concluded with parades, concerts and some good partying in the streets of Edinburgh itself.

Spiritual Essence Of Diwali

India is a land of spirituality. Here every act and every festival is having a spiritual meaning and this makes the culture of the nation a supersensible one with a high moral value of the person living here. The Diwali is a festival, which has a very long history and that started thousands of years ago.

Spiritual Diwali

The first time this festival got a start was during the time of Rama, which is from the time of the first epic narration of the world. Thus it is well understood that the festival is an age-old one. But a festival of India is never something which has no spiritual value.

Every festival here is having a deep spiritual meaning and that spiritual meaning makes the festival put a deep impact in the life of the people of the nation and make them feel the human and humanity better than anything else. Before understanding the spiritual meaning it is most important to know the history of the festival as the meaning of the festival can be deduced from there only.

History of Diwali

The history of Diwali is an age-old tale from the epic Ramayana, where the Ayodhya Prince Rama defeats the demon Ravana, who made his wife and the queen of Ayodhya captive with an intention to get the nectar of the beauty of her.

Rama defeated Ravana after a long session of war and freed Sita to go back to Ayodhya. Rama was put into an exile in the forest for many years. The festival of Diwali was organized by the people of Ayodhya in the Honor of their beloved King and Queen, whereby they expressed their love and affection to them.

The spiritual essence

Indian festivals are the exhibition of the spiritual concepts only and the material shown in the festivals are also meant to establish that spirituality in the festival only. Rama is the indication of the positive energy and the Ravana is the indication of negative powers and illusion.

Illusion in Indian context means the misconception of world and truth. Indian philosophy says that this world and the worldly elements are the exposure of the illusion and they are the curtain over the truth. A person whose mind is full of illusion is away from the consciousness of the truth. Truth is the underlying base of the entire universe where there is nothing called two.

The entire world and the universe is one and unique there. A person whose mind is enveloped with illusion finds the worldly elements to be the only thing for rejoicing and he or she finds the enjoyment in the illusion of gold and lust. This generates greed for them and when collected more of it, then generates a false ego that closes all the window of the mind to prohibit the truth or conscience of truth to enlighten the mind.

The death of Ravana in the hands of Rama is the indication of putting the darkness off and the Diwali is to enlighten the mind again to get the warm, pious and positive rays of the truth.

Thus Diwali is the festival to make the illusion disappear from the mind and expose the mind with lights of truth and consciousness.

Top 10 Freeware for MAC – Easing Your Needs

Mac software is very expensive but there is some freeware found for Mac which will serve most of the everyday purpose without the need of shedding out a lot of money. Here is the top list of freeware for Mac.

Useful Mac Apps

1) StuffIt Explorer- For all you Archiving

It is one of the best archiver tools for Mac. It helps you to access files created with RAR, WinZip, Rucksack, GUI tar etc. Even though Apples archive utility manages to perform the same task, it is much more powerful and reliable. StuffIt’s unzipping operation includes scanning for virus and also expanding to desired folders. If anyone sends you a file compressed with windows then StuffIt can definitely open it for you without any trouble, whereas Apple’s built-in utility fails to do the task. It is a must-have tool in all the Macs.

2) TextWrangler – Must Have for Bloggers

It is one of the most useful tools for text related task performed on Mac. You can be a developer or a blogger, you simply cannot do without TextWrangler. It is incredibly fast to search and make changes. It also has additional features such as spell check, find and replace, undo and redo, syntax coloring, and many other features. This is simply the best have text editor for every Mac.

3) Evernote – Organize Everything

Organizing is one of the toughest jobs for every individual. One of the best tools to help you with that is Evernote. It helps to bring the tasks that are spread around to one application. You can organize things such as shopping list, to-do notes, images, PDFs, websites, etc. You can also save things to retrieve for later references. It has unique search features to find the stuff you need. You can also add tags to the post for easy retrieval. Evernote is available for Windows, iPad, iPhone, etc so it is easy to sync with those devices and you will never lose any of your important stuffs.

4) VirusBarrier Express – No Entry for Virus

Mac has always been known for being the safest device whereas Windows is widely known for virus, malware and numerous other attacks. Now that Mac has become very prominent among users there might be virus and malware coming up for Mac as well. So it is important that you keep the device safe by using anti-virus. VirusBarrier is a freeware which serves to keep the computer virus-free.

5) Carbon Copy Cloner – Backups Made Easy

Taking backups is a necessary functionality in case your system crashes or any unfortunate thing happens.  Carbon copy cloner is one of the most useful applications which helps us to create backups easily. You no longer have to postpone the nagging task of taking backups because it is completely easy with the help of Carbon Copy Cloner. It also has the option to perform incremental backups which can be performed every day. You can easily migrate to another computer without having the need of re-installation.

6) Vuze – Let the Download Begin

BitTorrent is very popular for its easy download management feature. It is very easy to use and it also acts as a media player. It supports most of the formats and also helps in converting video to playback on your iPad as well. It can also stream videos directly over Wi-Fi and played on devices such as Xbox360.

7) Adium – Get Set and Chat

If you have more than one instant messenger client, then Adium is a must-have freeware for you. A lot of space is used downloading various instant messenger software. You can easily manage everything with the help of Adium. It is compatible with Google, Yahoo, ichat, AOL etc. It is a high user’s friendly freeware and is a must-have application for people who chat a lot.

8) OpenOffice – Office Suite for Free

Office suites are expensive software when you are looking for a licensed product. The best alternative is the Open office. It provides the complete set of office tools needed and you can also convert it into useful formats which work with Mac as well as Windows operating system. It is the ideal word processor for students and home users.

9) iStatPro – Know Your System

If you feel your system performance is slow then you should probably analyze what the problem is. iStatPro is the right freeware to solve this issue. It also has a widget which can be placed on the dashboard and it will keep monitoring the performance of the system. You can analyze the data and see what is taking most of the processor speed and slugging up your Mac. The graphical representation is easy to understand. It is a must-have widget for all Mac users to analyze the performance of your Mac.

10) Dropbox – Work from Anywhere

It is a useful application for people who bring their work back home. You do not have the need for pen drives and hard disks anymore. It is an easy to use FTP which is completely free. You just need to drag and drop the file into the shared folder and then retrieve the file later. You can access it wherever there is the internet.

Creating Vimeo Portfolio For Maximum Benefit

For every business to become successful its online presence is a must, therefore, the need of a platform arises where the business can market itself. Social media is one such platform where you can market your business, but if you want to do for the video marketing, then it is important that you select a platform which will suit you the best.

There are many out there, but depending on your orientation you can either go to YouTube or the most recent Vimeo. You have to choose between quality and quantity when you are selecting between YouTube and Vimeo.

Vimeo Portfolio

These two are the most talked about platforms, though there might be in numerous others as well. When you are going to the video marketing, then it is really easy to achieve certain exposure because all you have to do is upload a video on this platform and the share that particular link on different social media accounts that you have.

In case you are not receiving the expected exposure then you can get Vimeo video views for the videos that you have uploaded. If you want to make your users connect with your product then you can shoot a high-quality video explaining what you do and how effective it will be in the life of the users.

Platform for projecting yourself

If you want to make your potential client about you and what you are capable of then the online platforms are a great way of projecting that. Through these platforms, you will also be able to convey the idea that you are aware of the importance of the internet and the influence it has on our lives.

It can also be termed as the easiest way of winning over the heart of your potential client or employer. Now not only the internet but smartphone users is also a huge chunk of people who are potential customers of any business therefore when any changes are incorporated or any new thing is installed these smartphone users are also taken into account.

Therefore, Vimeo has come up with its app for Android users as well as the iOS users so that they can make use of this platform right on their phone. The websites are made mobile ready for the users so that they can make the most of it.

Replacing the video, but keeping the buzz

When you are replacing a video then on other platforms you must have lost all the shares and likes along with the comments but with Vimeo that is not the case. Instead, you can keep all the hard-earned likes and shares and comments while you replace the video. In order to make it happen, you will have to follow these simple steps –

  • You have to go to the Video Settings
  • Once in there you have to click on Video File tab
  • Now click on Replace tab

You can buy vimeo followers to get your video popular at intant. That’s it, you are done with replacing of videos while keeping all those that are important to your profile.

How To Become Instant Success On SoundCloud?

Every minute counts in the internet world; what is hot now becomes obsolete in no time, so there is an urgent need to have such promotional support that can keep you ahead of the competitors for very long time.

SoundCloud increaser marketing has, therefore, become the fresh rage among musicians who want to connect and share the moment something new buds up in their mind. At SoundCloud, you get the opportunity to upload whatever you generate in an instant manner. This definitely calls for tough competition as thousands of music makers are vying to become the most heard sound maker.

SoundCloud Success

SoundCloud Marketing Site is the Answer to Your Promotion Needs

Having a SoundCloud account merely does not serve the purpose. You need to follow a proactive approach to be the instant success of this music sharing website. Hence, try that marketing site which is dedicated to strengthening your position on SoundCloud. You need to visit this site for availing following benefits that are available.

  • Facility of customized campaign: Every musician has different needs based upon the sound created by him. It may be a simple jingle or full-fledged ballad created by the music maker, so the campaign needs to have certain elements that are unique of his composition. Thus, visit this site to find out a variety of elements that you can incorporate to make a very effective marketing campaign.
  • Get very respectable listing on search engines: You should visit this site to get Google-friendly listing.  Apart from topping the SoundCloud popularity chart, you need to get ample exposure on popular search engines too. Hence, SoundCloud marketing site helps you build a search engine friendly profile that brings you maximum hits in least possible time.
  • Achieve maximum favorites: Apart from getting plays on SoundCloud, your music needs to win a large number of favorites. This makes your music stand out in terms of quality as well as popularity. SoundCloud marketing site has the provision for generating fan base who can add your music to their favorites. Hence, visit this site for ensuring success in terms of winning maximum ‘favorites’ for your composition at reasonable cost.
  • Integration of social media hubs with SoundCloud account: Social media networks like ‘facebook’ can help you draw maximum traffic to your SoundCloud account. There are communities devoted to music on Facebook that can understand and appreciate your expertise, and reaching this audience is very important for achieving success fast. Soundcloud marketing site has separate section for promotion packages on social media. Visit this site to find out more. Similarly, you can create ‘tweet’ campaigns to tap the potential of Twitter for promoting your music online.
  • Joint venture tricks: SoundCloud marketing site has tips for making use of other musicians’ space for promoting your music. You should visit this site to find how mutual cooperation can win you war with limited resources.

Standing out in competition is a big challenge, but you can sail through it with the best use of resources available. Use SoundCloud marketing to be the winner among the rest.

Top 10 Android Apps To Have The Better Instagram Experience

Instagram has been the most popular social media site where the people share the innovative thoughts with the billions of Instagram users. They have entered themselves into the Android market also.

But, there are several apps for the Instagram like buying Instagram followers, photo editing apps, and many. There are many annoying apps also, to have the best experience of the Instagram you must have better alternatives for your Android Smartphone.

Best Android Apps For Instagram

1. VSCO Cam

You may get bored with the same and old filters on Instagram. Try VSCO Cam which will add more professionalism in your Instagram photos and will give the best photo experience ever. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and exposure of the images to increase the number of Instagram followers.

2. Square

You must have the equal length at all the four sides of the images. But, cropping the image is a bit of a headache. You may lose the bits and some part of the image. You must try Square app which will automatically convert your image into square shape.

3. HashTags

You must add the popular hashtags to your images. HashTags apps will just add the popular hashtags and then you can copy paste the hashtags to your images.

4. InstaMessage

Instagram allows you to share the images and videos within the group, but it doesn’t give you the option to have a chat with your friends. But, InstaMessage will allow you to have a chat who has this app running. If not, you can invite your friends to have a chat on this app.

5. Xposed Instagram Downloader

You cannot download the images and the videos through Instagram directly. But, when you have this app installed on your device. Then it forms the interface with the Instagram and allows you to download the images and save them in your gallery.

6. IgNo

Unlike other social media networks, Instagram doesn’t have the option to give the alerts and the notifications. You will not get any message from Instagram for the followers and likes. Try this app to get the notifications.

7. InstaPlace

Suppose, you don’t remember the location and dates of the images posted. Then InstaPlace will do it all for you.

8. TrackGram

With this app, you can keep the track of the followers of your profile. You can get the list of person who is following you, who have unfollowed you, and the person whom you didn’t follow, all on one page. You can also swipe the profile page of the person to follow them instantly.

9. PadGram

If you are bored of Instagram’s poor filters, same interface, limited sharing, no options to download, and constant cropping then you must try PadGram. This app gives you all the features mentioned above with lots more to explore. You can even have the landscape view on the tablets.

10. InstaWeather

Like the InstaPlace this app shows the weather conditions of the images which you have posted. By seeing the surroundings it can guess the weather conditions which will help you to gain Instagram followers than regular photos followers.

How To Perform Android Rooting?

You just need to put in a little bit of extra efforts to root your Android smartphone, before you realize that rooting is a well-defined process for every Android smartphone and soon you will realize that it is a child’s play. The process differs from each and every mobile phone manufacturer and their models.

Perform Android Rooting

The Internet perhaps is the best teacher and a guide for performing android rooting as a smooth process. XDA forum is a dedicated thread that the developers regularly post on and users have identified this forum as a resource to find QnA’s to all of their rooting-related problems. Proceed when you are confident about rooting by reading discussions, asking people and app developers and relating to similar problems posted by other users.

There are various rooting methods, for the discussion, we have identified top three best methods.

One of the most popular and universally recognized and practiced rooting processes is via the z4root. This makes provision of an easy and convenient method for android rooting. All is so convenient that you have to perform rooting just at a click of a button. The application is not available in Play Store and you have to download a .apk installer from the web. This application is compatible with many smartphone models. Install the app on the root of your SD card and execute it by tapping and you’re ready to go.

Only experienced developers, however, prefer and should go for the option of something called as turning the S-OFF. You have to then make a clean installation of the custom recovery on your phone and flash the rooted ROM. There is a good tool based on the S-OFF method for the HTC phone models and it goes by the name of the Revolutionary tool.

A most widely used method is however undoubtedly the SuperOneClick. It has a compatibility with a whole range of mobile phone models. It can be used to perform rooting on backward compatible old android versions plus unofficial support is available even for the latest Android versions until the Jellybean 4.2. It gives an available option of the parts as well as full rooting.

TO make things better, this app also makes provision for a convenient android unrooting also possible. You have to just turn the USB debugging option ON which is available in settings -> development in almost all android versions.  You’ve to expand the Super One Click .zip file and then click on the SuperOneClick icon to run it and you’re done. Please take care that the SD card should not be mounted when android rooting is performed using this option.

In order to verify the rooting process, you can download a host of applications that authenticate if your android smartphone is rooted or not. Look out for an app called Terminal in order to do this job simply. There is another app called the Android Terminal Emulator to check the rooting status as well as performing rooting itself with the help of certain command line interface.