How To Get Rid Of Overheating And Virus Infected Problems?

Nowadays a lot of people are using the laptop, and A user will be upset if any issues occur in their laptop. Typically, most of the laptop will heat up quickly and also affected by virus or malware.

How To Get Rid Of Overheating And Virus Infected Problems

Then people suddenly get panic and approach the best hp laptop service center to get a resolve the problems. Typically, Below are the major problems has occurred in the laptop.

  • Overheating.
  • Malware Or Virus.
  • Failure Of Video & Audio Drivers.
  • Unable to Connect With Wi-Fi.
  • Startup Issue.
  • Hard Drive Failure.
  • Hanging Issue.
  • Nonfunctional Keyboard.

The people are also facing more problems on their daily basis. So below are the tips to maintain your laptop as a cool as well as protect your laptop from a virus.

1) Overheating – It is one of the most common and famous problems faced by all the laptop users right? When we hang up with a laptop for extra hours, then it will automatically raise their heat.

You feel like a hot when you touch the bottom surface of your laptop, and your laptop will start lagging in the process also get hanged.


Use Laptop Cool Mat – By using the laptop cooling mat you able to maintain the laptop without overheating. It is efficient and cheap.

Elevation – Most of the people don’t have aware of Elevation, it is one of the most useful gadgets for laptop users. You can keep any of the books or elevation under the laptop with a tilt position.

Hence circulation and airflow under the laptop will be the more frequent also laptop will not get an overheat as you doing a long work.

Environment & Cool Sink – Try to maintain or use your laptop in the cool environment this will be possible for most of the people when they are using in the office, But it will be little doubt while using in the home.

The cooling environment will protect your laptop from an overheating because cooling air will support you to maintain the normal heat.

2) Virus Or Malware Infected

Viruses or Malware are a real enemy for all the laptops. So the user should take a responsibility to secure the laptop from a danger viruses and malware.

Identify Easily – You can identify quickly when your laptop has affected by the virus, the pop-up window will show, Possible of hack your details, Frequent restart, Hang down without reason, The Setting of your laptop will automatically changed.


The user needs to take extra care to protect a laptop from a virus like install the premium antiviruses software try to avoid using any free software there are a lot of free antivirus software are available on the net.

Get the premium version and save your laptop below are the famous anti-virus software names,

  • Avast Software
  • Avira
  • Norton
  • Quick Heal
  • Bitdefender

Before installing the antivirus into the laptop, you should remove previous viruses if any, take the help from a top hp laptop service center in chennai to format and remove the virus from a laptop.

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