Study Smarter With These 35 Revision Tips:

Despite only making up 2% of total body weight the human brain uses up to 20% of the total energy. With these tried tips you will realize that it’s not just about what you can read and remember – almost every aspect of your life can be tweaked to help you perform better on the big day.

Study Smarter With These 35 Revision Tips

So stop procrastinating, get off Facebook, move your diet away from energy drinks, break out all that stationary you bought at the start of the year and employed your brain to improve your learning one of the experts from top TNPSC Coaching centre in Chennai said.

  1. Exercise: It will improve your blood flow and take your mind off studying
  2. Take breaks: take a 10 minutes break for every 50 minutes of study
  3. Take care of yourself: stay healthy to keep high brain function
  4. Meditate: mindfulness practice can keep stress to a minimum
  5. Video yourself: record yourself presenting to see what you can do better
  6. Exam calendar: plan ahead in order of importance
  7. Study apps: try to use some study apps available in the app store that is related to your course field
  8. Sync notes: keep notes in the cloud and never loss them again
  9. Plenty of sleep: get at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night to feel fully rested
  10. Less caffeine: don’t overdo it. Simply staying hydrated will improve alertness
  11. Daylight hours: daylight hours are more productive and better for our bodies
  12. No late snacks: avoid the temptation to snack at night and fall asleep easier
  13. Past papers: past papers prepare you for exam style questions
  14. Teach others: teaching others improve your own memory and understanding
  15. Study groups: study groups provide new ideas and mutual support
  16. Rewrite notes: rewriting notes improves memory and retention
  17. Flash cards: create your own flash cards to use it on the go
  18. Make videos: make animated revision videos on the sites like
  19. Word clouds: create word clouds to make keywords that stands out
  20. Mind maps: mind maps visualize information and help make neural connections
  21. Use color: using different colors keeps your brain stimulated
  22. Quick font: use the fastest font for reading. The font named times new roman with size 12 becomes the fastest font for reading
  23. Avoid block text: big blocks of one tone text make us lose concentration fast
  24. Highlight: highlight key notes to make them stand out
  25. Talk to yourself: speaking your notes out loud increase retention
  26. Make it a song: turn difficult or boring topics into a song for easier learning
  27. Different accents: saying different bits in different accents has been shown to aid learning
  28. Alcohol: after just 2 units of alcohol our memory related performance falls by 10%. So avoid drinking alcohols
  29. Eat fish: get the extra omega-3 for increased brain power
  30. Hydration: just 1% dehydration can reduce cognition by up to 10%
  31. Eat well: a healthy diet will keep your entire being in proper working
  32. Time table: organize your time with a revision time table
  33. Allow enough time: be realistic with your time to avoid last minute rushing
  34. Organized folders: save time and stay organized by keeping notes and papers in folders
  35. Use the library: find a quiet place like a library or a private room.


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