Traditions Of Christmas

The celebration of Christmas started with the intention of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Meeting each other, sharing gifts and cakes meant an important part of the Christmas celebrations which was done to exchange the happiness and joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in countries around the world.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is the time in which Churches around the world experience the highest attendance of the people. People are seen holding secular processions or parades featuring Santa Claus and other seasonal figures. People are often seen meeting each other and celebrating Christmas evening with family and friends.

According to the popular tradition/ stories, the birth of the Jesus Christ took place inside a stable surrounded by farm animals. Shepherds from the fields were the first to see the child because they were told of the birth by an angel, because of this traditional Christmas story In some Christian denominations, children re-enact the events of the nativity with animals to portray the event with more realism or sing carols that reference the event.

A long artistic tradition has grown of producing traditionally the whole set of a stable where Jesus Christ took birth with livestock, mother Mary, Joseph, the infant Jesus, the three wise men, the shepherds and their sheep, the angels and the Star of Bethlehem. Some people also create this traditional set of the birth of Jesus Christ in their homes as a remembrance of Jesus and Mother Mary. These nativity scenes are believed to be made as real as possible by using small dolls/mannequins of the holy figures who were present on that day during the birth of Jesus Christ.

Initially, Christmas was celebrated very simply by people as they used to exchange gifts and go to churches and offer prayers. But as the time passed by, the excitement and celebrations of Christmas day are boosted many times. For more Christmas wishes, ideas, different wishes messages, visit HappyChristmasBlog.

People personally decorate Christmas trees in their homes, make nativity scene with their own hands, make cakes, chocolates and sing carols in the Churches all over the world. The whole sky is lit by the crackers and fireworks which is so mesmerizing and leave people spellbound. People experience a mixed feeling of happiness, excitement, joy, etc.

Hope this Christmas brings more gifts, blessings, joys, and happiness to the people who deserve it most. A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL..!!