Spiritual Essence Of Diwali

India is a land of spirituality. Here every act and every festival is having a spiritual meaning and this makes the culture of the nation a supersensible one with a high moral value of the person living here. The Diwali is a festival, which has a very long history and that started thousands of years ago.

Spiritual Diwali

The first time this festival got a start was during the time of Rama, which is from the time of the first epic narration of the world. Thus it is well understood that the festival is an age-old one. But a festival of India is never something which has no spiritual value.

Every festival here is having a deep spiritual meaning and that spiritual meaning makes the festival put a deep impact in the life of the people of the nation and make them feel the human and humanity better than anything else. Before understanding the spiritual meaning it is most important to know the history of the festival as the meaning of the festival can be deduced from there only.

History of Diwali

The history of Diwali is an age-old tale from the epic Ramayana, where the Ayodhya Prince Rama defeats the demon Ravana, who made his wife and the queen of Ayodhya captive with an intention to get the nectar of the beauty of her.

Rama defeated Ravana after a long session of war and freed Sita to go back to Ayodhya. Rama was put into an exile in the forest for many years. The festival of Diwali was organized by the people of Ayodhya in the Honor of their beloved King and Queen, whereby they expressed their love and affection to them.

The spiritual essence

Indian festivals are the exhibition of the spiritual concepts only and the material shown in the festivals are also meant to establish that spirituality in the festival only. Rama is the indication of the positive energy and the Ravana is the indication of negative powers and illusion.

Illusion in Indian context means the misconception of world and truth. Indian philosophy says that this world and the worldly elements are the exposure of the illusion and they are the curtain over the truth. A person whose mind is full of illusion is away from the consciousness of the truth. Truth is the underlying base of the entire universe where there is nothing called two.

The entire world and the universe is one and unique there. A person whose mind is enveloped with illusion finds the worldly elements to be the only thing for rejoicing and he or she finds the enjoyment in the illusion of gold and lust. This generates greed for them and when collected more of it, then generates a false ego that closes all the window of the mind to prohibit the truth or conscience of truth to enlighten the mind.

The death of Ravana in the hands of Rama is the indication of putting the darkness off and the Diwali is to enlighten the mind again to get the warm, pious and positive rays of the truth.

Thus Diwali is the festival to make the illusion disappear from the mind and expose the mind with lights of truth and consciousness.